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Embroidery Hoops
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About Dee's Bees

Dee's Crafty Bees cross-pollinates apiculture and fiber arts. We're a Queer BIPOC woman owned apiary invested in the future of our communities and our environment. 

At Dee's Bees, we grow pollinators and plants that support the development of healthy bee colonies who produce delicious honey, and that we also use in the creation of fiber dyes, fiber arts, and other crafts.

Our passion is in connecting upcoming generations to the natural world around them; teaching them about the importance of bees; supporting their interests in arts for creative and therapeutic purposes; and historically rooting and intertwining their understanding of fiber arts, environmental justice, and equity.

Coming Soon

Our site and our business are both in development, so stay tuned for more! Sign up for our newsletter, "The Buzz", to bee in the know.  

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